If you have chosen a personalized trunk, you will need to give me your initial choices or name to be embroidered on the lid fabric.  We will work together to choose thread color and font choices. Many customers choose the circular three initial monogram, but the choice is up to you.  In the end you will have a perfectly customized trunk!

If you still have questions, please contact me!  I am always happy to help!

That's My Trunk


There are a couple of different ways to begin designing.  Websites like and are just a couple to peruse.  There are several others to search.  I just find these two sites easy to navigate.  (I do not get paid or rewarded in any way for including them here!)  

I really love using Pinterest to brainstorm fabric choices and colors.  On my Pinterest site, you will find several trunk boards that I have worked on to help customers achieve their personal style. If you like, I will make a board with your title (ie: Dana's Trunk) and start pinning pictures to that board.  I have found inspiration for trunks in clothing, stationery, ball gowns, bedding, etc.  You will be able to add to the board as well!  Once we choose fabric and trim, I will order the appropriate yardage and begin assembling!


Designing your custom trunk can be a fun and creative process.  However, most people wonder where to begin!

Let's start with your choice of trunk style.  I currently offer two different brands:  Mercury Seward Collegiate Trunks™ and Rhino Sticker Trunks™.  The Mercury™ is a popular trunk featuring metal trim and pressed board material with a locking feature.  Non-wheeled trunks come in black, royal blue, pink, purple, orange, and zebra print. Wheeled Trunks come in black, navy blue, royal blue, pink, white and purple.  The Rhino Trunk ™ is a heavy-duty trunk constructed with 3/8" birch hardwood plywood, nickel plated steel latches and hardware and a rugged vinyl coating that comes in a multitude of colors. This trunk also features genuine leather handles, a nickel plated steel hinge arm to support the lid when open as well as removable wheels.  I refer to the Rhino Trunk™ as my "Premium Trunk" in my Etsy shop.

Next decide if you want wheels or not.  All Rhino Trunks™ have a removable wheel option.  The Mercury Trunks™ only offer wheels in certain colors.  (See above for colors).

If you wish to personalize your trunk with a monogram or name in the lid, please choose the "Personalized" version of your trunk choice.

Making purchases through the Etsy website is safe and efficient.  Credit cards and Paypal are accepted.

Click on the Etsy Shop link to the right to explore trunk options and colors.